National Film Heritage Mission NFHM Logo and Tagline Competition 2015

National Film Heritage Mission NFHM Logo and Tagline Competition 2015

National Film Heritage Mission Logo and Tagline Competition 2015: National Film Heritage Mission (NFHM) is a mission under National Film Archive of India (NFAI), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. This mission aims at Restoration, Preservation, Digitization and Conservation of the rich film content in the Country. Films are cultural artifacts created by specific cultures and reflect those cultures. Thousands of feature films have been made in India since 1913 and including short/ documentary films are made each year in various languages. While film negatives and prints are a perishable item, their decay can be controlled and therefore delayed substantially in the correct conditions maintained for preservation.

This National Film Heritage Mission NFHM Logo and Tagline Competition has been a serious challenge in India and lack of adequate preservation facilities only hastened the loss of a large part of India’s film heritage. Perhaps a major reason for this lacuna in India (as opposed to the situation in other countries) was the fact that most producers tend to view film as a commercial venture alone, to the exclusion of the cultural aspect of cinema, and have therefore tended not to focus on the need for preservation.

Organization name: National Film Heritage Mission (NFHM)
Event: Logo and Tagline Competition
Qualification: Open to all
Cash Prize: Rs. 30,000/- for Logo and Rs.15, 000/- for Tagline.
Last date: 20th October 2015

National Film Heritage Mission NFHM Logo and Tagline Competition 2015 details:

Given the perishable nature of film, portions of Indian film have been lost over the years, and the damage cannot be corrected by private enterprise, whether Indian or international. This apathy towards the film preservation needs to be corrected. Government of India, in order to safeguard our rich filmic heritage and to preserve the perishing film material, has launched an ambitious project, National Film Heritage Mission (NFHM). Through this project, the films would be preserved, conserved, digitized and restored, so as to preserve our rich film heritage for posterity.

Objectives of NFHM Logo and Tagline Competition 2015:
1) To undertake film condition assessment of the film collection and to ascertain the left over life of the film.
2) Preventive conservation of film reels.
3) 2k/4k picture and sound restoration of landmark feature films and short films of Indian cinema and recording of new picture and sound inter-negatives of each film.
4) Digitization of feature films and short films.
5) Construction of archival and preservation facilities for preservation of material restored under NFHM.
6) This task seeks inputs to design a Logo and a Tagline for National Film Heritage Mission (NFHM)
7) The last date of submission is 20th Oct 2015. 12PM
8) The winning entry will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 30,000/- for Logo and Rs.15,000/- for Tagline

Technical requirements of NFHM Logo and Tagline Competition 2015:

1) The participant should upload the logo as a file in JPG or PNG format.
2) The winner of the competition shall be required to submit the design inan editable and open file format.
3) Do not imprint or watermark your logo design.
4) Please note that the logo design must be original and should not violate any provision of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957.
5) Logo can be designed in colour / Black and white
6) Please bear in mind that for actual utilization of the winning logo, the size may vary from 3 cm X 3 cm to 75 X 75 cm. While designing this aspect should be kept in mind.
7) Make sure your MyGov profile is accurate and updated as we may use the information on the profile for further communication. This includes your name, photo number. Entries by those with incomplete profiles would be rejected.
8) Tagline should be short and simple, catchy, and catering to the objectives of the mission.

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